Because good brands are about trust, and trust shouldn’t be complicated—
We build simple brands.
Our passion for brand strategy fuels our ideas, objectives, and approach. We believe great brands bring together experience, strategy, and visuals to embody the culture and vision of your business. They take time and careful cultivation. And they depend on authenticity and trust because great brands unite people.
We build new brands and refresh well-worn ones. We develop brand experiences across custom and templated websites. We implement brands through environmental design, marketing tools, print materials, and social media. 
For clients needing on-going support, we offer communications retainers and marketing retainers. Communication retainer hours may be used for brand strategy, design, content development, online engagement, website development, and/or coaching. Marketing retainers provide budget-friendly solutions for small businesses needing help with social media, email, and/or SMS marketing. Our goal with retainers is to help our clients maintain brand momentum and get the best value each month.
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Our Team
Anna Montgomery
Anna is a brand strategist and graphic designer with a tireless love for growing things—people, ideas, businesses, and her beloved collection of plants. For the last 11 years, she’s enjoyed helping small businesses, nonprofits, churches, and individuals expand their reach and impact through creative branding. As a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and goal setting coach, she empowers her clients to create personal and realistic objectives for strategic growth. When she’s not collecting ideas, staying up late kerning type, or reading Harvard Business Review, you can find Anna documenting her travels through photography, cooking with family, and snuggling her pup, Flynn.
Alexa Halsted
Alexa is a content strategist with an uncanny ability to see the best in our clients and make them shine. She enjoys helping clients define their passions, build their dreams, and meet their goals through creative content. Alexa’s favorite part of the process is sharing the final product at the end of a project—there’s nothing quite as exciting as a happy client! Whether spending time with her hubby and friends, dreaming up new adventures, or wrangling her toddler and dog, she brings creativity and enthusiasm to every aspect of her life. In her rare moments of free time, you can find Alexa playing guitar and piano, singing, and writing songs.
Abigail Richardson
Abigail is a social media manager whose enthusiasm, creativity, and kindness overflow into all she does. Whether developing strategic marketing plans, creating engaging content, or caring for her bonsai trees, her intentional work fosters sustainable growth. Abigail believes creative uniqueness is at the heart of building brands and products that impact the world. Ever thinking outside the box, she enjoys creating voices that subtly surprise their audiences while utilizing humor, authenticity, and transparency to grow a brand into one that everyone trusts. She loves seeing the impact of a final product—when all the pieces come together, she gets so excited to see our client’s joy. When she’s not typing away, you can find Abigail eating ice cream, beating her husband on the tennis court, riding her vintage moped, or traveling the world.
John Snavely 
John is a web developer who makes seemingly impossible ideas come to life. With the unique challenges that come with web development, he is always learning and implementing new trends, methods, and functionality into every project. John loves the process of starting with a blank code editor and writing into existence web presences that solve real world problems, help others, and create interactive experiences. Although the process is sometimes frustrating, he thinks the satisfaction of finding the solution is one of the greatest feelings ever. When he’s not coding for clients, John enjoys dabbling with his own projects, spending time with friends playing board games, and designing his own card game.
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