TeenPact National Convention 2019 (NatCon19)
The key summer event for TeenPact Leadership Schools, National Convention 2019 (NatCon19), brought together 700+ high school students from around the nation for an unforgettable week filled with worship, guest speakers, small group activities, sport competitions, memory-making, and fun. 
At the heart of NatCon19 was the theme of Hallelujah. Throughout Scripture, God unfolds a story of redemption. It’s a story of people with unique capacities who, bearing God’s image, live out lives marked by worship. This theme of hallelujah—praise the Lord—weaves boldly like a brightly colored thread through each story, moment, and truth. In each of these stories, these people stood in the gap between the beginning and end of life and asked what does it look like to praise the Lord here and now? At NatCon19, we wanted students to discover what it means for them to stand strong in the gap, holding a banner of hallelujah—praise the Lord—over all they do. 
Leaning into these themes, we created a colorful, retro brand—1980’s Swiss design meets punchy typography, bold minimalism, and mid-century modern funk. As the creative leadership for the event, our team implemented the visual language across a microsite, marketing resources and plan, social media strategy and graphics, environmental design, video and motion graphics, pop-up shop products, worship and session experience design, swag, and a huge array of print and digital resources. In everything, we sought to exemplify the brand values of joy, wonder, happiness, kindness, honesty, and past/present/future. 
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