Northstar Contracting 
NorthStar Contracting Services sells trust in the world of contracting. In an industry notorious for unreliability and dishonesty, the founders knew strong branding was essential for communicating the values which set their company apart from the competition. 
Our team was inspired by their namesake, the guiding star of Maine, in our brand development process. Using strong lines, determined colors, and gritty photography, we created a logo, typographic style, color palette, and visual language for Northstar which was then implemented throughout collateral, advertising tools, and social media marketing. 
Using this new visual language, our team updated NorthStar’s website to reflect their brand values and make their online presence stand out. NorthStar’s dependability, professionalism, and high quality standards are communicated through intentional content and unique branding stylization. 
Our team has also continued to offer on-going marketing support by managing NorthStar’s Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin accounts, as well as regularly developing marketing tools such as yard signs, door hangers, and truck decals. By providing ongoing support and services, our team allows the Maine community to see NorthStar is trustworthy and a worthwhile investment.
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