A brand is more than an eye-catching logo. It’s a projection of your identity. Our goal is to help you hone that identity and sharpen your voice, and we can do that in a few ways, whether that’s a new brand, a brand refresh, or a rebrand. We’re here for brand strategy & development.

If you’re just beginning your brand journey, we can help you find your footing and develop a BRAND for you from scratch. We’ll talk about your organization’s values and your vision, and we’ll go from there.

Maybe you’re in a different position—You like your brand, but it’s starting to show its age, or it’s just not quite representative of where you’re at anymore. No problem! With a BRAND REFRESH, we’ll work with you to update your brand to match your goals.

There’s also the possibility that your current brand just doesn’t align with the direction you hope to move in, and you want to start fresh. In that case, we can help you pivot with a REBRAND to something that encapsulates what makes your organization unique.

Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, our process will look like this:


Brand Discovery & Research

Think of this like a first date. It all begins with a conversation about your organization, your audience, and your goals and aspirations. From there, we’ll begin more targeted research based on your field and where you fit into it. At this point, we’ll move behind the scenes.


Design & Development

Once we’ve collected the core data, we’ll get to work designing several logo and brand concepts, each of which will go a different direction but share some commonalities—clarity, creativity, and a focus on trust between you and your audience—all supporting a brand with long-term adaptability.


The Grand Reveal

Here’s one of our favorite parts. After we have several complete concepts, we’ll meet with your team for you to select a direction to move forward with. If necessary, we’ll make some minor edits, but because our main focus is on step 4, we avoid falling into the tempting-but-vicious cycle of revision.


Implementation and Coaching

We’ll spend the majority of your project working with you bringing your new brand to life. A brand is only as good as its implementation, so our goal isn’t just to give you a new logo or fresh graphics—We want to help you integrate your brand into everything you do. 

Let’s talk about your project.