Whether you want to launch a single, focused marketing campaign or need ongoing communications support, we can offer our expertise through a variety of retainer options. “Wait,” you might say. “Isn’t communications the same as marketing?” A shorthand distinction is that communications builds the brand that marketing mobilizes. Rather than focusing primarily on sharing your message, marketing & communications support is geared towards clarifying and sharpening that message.

Depending on your needs, COMMUNICATIONS could take the form of a one-off project like graphic design or copywriting. If that goes well and you’re pleased with the work, you have the option to start what we call a “Communications Support Flex Retainer.”

The word “flex” is key. We’ll start with a specific number of monthly hours, which can then be used for any variety of ongoing communications-related work. If you want someone to edit everything your team writes, we can do that! If you want someone to write so your team doesn’t have to, we can do that too! If your team needs training to improve internal communications, we’ll develop materials and workshops to get you on the right track.

Likewise, successful MARKETING requires commitment and a dynamic response to reach your intended audience; flashy campaigns can only get you so far if they don’t fit into a long-term plan for cultivating trust with your audience. With that reality in mind, we offer several retainer packages in three broad categories:

Social Media

Maybe you hate the gym. With a full-support retainer, we’ll be entirely hands-on so you can be hands-off and focus on whatever else you need to concentrate on. That means that on top of the benefits in the other packages, we’ll develop content, visuals, and scheduling, and we’ll stay on top of engagement and analytics to make sure that the social media is doing what it should.

Email Support

Despite the advent of other platforms, email marketing still offers a uniquely direct connection between you and your audience. With an email marketing retainer, we’ll develop strategies, design campaigns, and manage your mailing lists so that you can dedicate your resources most effectively.

Marketing Partnership

A marketing partnership is our most wide-reaching retainer option. Rather than focusing only on one avenue of engagement like social media or email, we’ll develop content for all possible channels, share it, and track analytics to ensure you achieve the engagement you want.

Think of a retainer like your not-quite-permanent communications partner. We’ll offer the support you need at a discounted rate, and you’ll have access to a wide array of resources and skills without the need to hire a permanent staff member. It’s a win-win all around.

Let’s talk about your project.