Whether you need a brand-new website or want to rework what you’ve got, we are ready to help get you and your audience on the same (web)page. It starts simple: We’ll have a conversation about your goals and who you want to reach. From there, we’ll research the intersection of your field and internet trends. We focus on content above all else, so we’ll work on nailing down your voice before shifting into the design process. Need some fresh photographs? It’s all apart of the web development.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you understand how to update your website and make changes as you please. Plus, if you have any problems, we can offer up to two years of support.

First impressions matter, and for many people, that will happen with your website. In the age of internet literacy, visitors to your site bring a whole set of expectations to the table, and you only have a few seconds to engage with those expectations.

We can help with creative, content-driven options. It’s tempting to fixate on the appearance of a website, but we start by focusing on your message to ensure that every aspect of your website is meaningfully communicating to your audience. How many times have you visited a website only to find a near-vacant homepage, a boring “about us” page, or clear indication that it hasn’t been recently updated? We can prevent that.

Depending on your needs, we have two great options available:

We can completely start from scratch, building CUSTOM WEBSITES with unique plugins and functionality.

Or, we can streamline the process by using TEMPLATED TOOLS available through WordPress and Squarespace, saving you time and resources at the expense of flexibility.

Think of it like the difference between making brownies from scratch or using a boxed mix. There are advantages to each option, and the potential for customization is different, but both are delicious.

We’ll also offer training for your new site so you have the ability to update it, and, because technology isn’t perfect, we also offer support in 12- or 24-month packages, the latter of which includes two updates to both design and functionality.


Web Discovery & Research

It all starts with a conversation. In the initial Web Discovery meeting, we’ll work through a series of questions with you to get a clear picture of your vision, goals, ideal audience, and hopes for your new website. From there, we’ll jump into the research phase to assess how your goals should align with your web presence.


Design & Development

The most important part of every website is content that connects with people, so that’s where we’ll start the development process. We’ll find a voice that matches with how you want to be perceived online, and we’ll begin drafting all the text that will welcome visitors. Once that’s sufficiently underway, we’ll incorporate it into dynamic and accessible design to support it. If you need updated photographs, we can take care of that during this phase too.


The Grand Reveal

After we’ve polished the website and made it presentable, we’ll reconnect with another meeting where we’ll walk you through the new website and discuss how it accomplishes everything you hoped and dreamed. At this point, we can make minor edits, but our attention is primarily directed to the next step—coding and launching.


Coding & Launch

In this final step, we’ll start coding to get your website online. This step includes building features, checking for functionality, and squashing any bugs. Once that’s complete, we’ll activate the website and ofer you training so that you have the confidence and flexibility to update the website whenever you see fit. It doesn’t have to be so hard, and we’re here to make it easier!

Let’s talk about your project.