Sweet Tea & Other TeenPact Traditions Cookbook
Throughout TeenPact Leadership Schools history, good food has served as a gathering opportunity for students, families, and volunteers to share their experiences and make memories. As part of TeenPact’s 25th Anniversary celebration, the nonprofit’s development team and a group of dedicated volunteers gathered recipes and stories from around the nation to create a narrative-driven cookbook.
Receiving the rough content, our team started the project with an extensive recipe review—simplifying instructions, confirming measurements, checking ingredients, and testing recipes. Once completed, we organized stories and recipes, developed introduction and transition content, created an index, and edited everything for communication consistency. Working with TeenPact’s creative team, we provided art direction to the food stylist and photographer responsible for the cookbook’s photographs. Bringing together the food photographs, historic images, stories, recipes, and 25th Anniversary content, we designed a modern and engaging story-centric cookbook. 
Styling by Jessie Sharp; Photography by Hope Martin
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