TeenPact Leadership Schools
TeenPact Leadership Schools, a national non-profit ministry, seeks to inspire youth in their relationship with Christ and train them to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture around them. After many years of ministry, TeenPact had a recognizable logo, but fragmented communication style and brand. Their extensive volunteer team had brought great momentum to the organization, but also inadvertently created disconnect in communicating the organization’s mission.
TeenPact’s target audiences are diverse—ranging from parents and students to legislators and lobbyists. Therefore, an extensive brand refresh was critical to communicating their values clearly to the next generation of leaders, donors, and volunteers. We started this project with a logo refresh to correct letter spacing issues, improve scalability, and boost professionalism. Then working with TeenPact’s leadership team, we defined brand words—intentional, relational, classic, dynamic, and excellent—to guide the implementation of the brand. With brand guidelines in hand, we developed event sub-brands; website and registration system; educational resources; marketing tools, training, and strategies; swag and fundraising resources as well as a promotional store sub-brand and products. 
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