WestRock Music
Cañon City, colorado
WestRock is a high energy folk-rock band with lyrics and sounds that celebrate the outdoor lifestyle found in the western United States. With inspiration coming from bluegrass, traditional western music, and experiences only had in the outdoors—WestRock’s sound is something new and exciting, uniting listeners as they come along for the adventure. WestRock desires not only to create excellent music, but also to connect with their audience through a dynamic experience. We worked alongside WestRock to refresh their brand, create album artwork, develop marketing strategies, and provide on-brand communications. 
We updated their logo to become something bold, easily recognizable, and adaptable. We designed album and song artwork that reflects the upbeat story telling found within the music. We provided brand words, values, and an updated color palette. We also launched WestRock’s marketing by developing a press kit, creating a new website, providing digital marketing tools and social media strategies, and designing on-brand swag that WestRock’s listeners will love. 
Throughout the entirety of this process, we embraced the client’s goals and passion. We combined the vision of the client with our expertise to create uniquely specific marketing materials that make WestRock stand out. With our team’s help, WestRock is ready to take their listeners wherever they want to go for years to come.
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