Athens Church
Athens Church was planted in Columbus, Indiana, to live out a specific mission—to see a people, city, and world awakened to the glory of God. While the church had a logo, they lacked a defined brand with consistent messaging and design. After evaluating the brand value of this logo, our team determined a logo refresh, rather than a rebrand, would strategically maintain trust while improving logo usability and visual balance.
Because Athens Church is small with limited resources, our goal was to create a brand around the logo which would be easy for staff and volunteers, regardless of communication skills, to implement. To guide their execution of the new brand, our team developed an engaging brand and editorial style guide filled with visuals, helpful tips, and practical examples. Collaborating with the staff team, we implemented the brand across an app, marketing tools, digital communication, social media strategy and graphics, signage, environmental design, collateral, and print resources.
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