Columbus, Indiana


Seeing the Best in Churches & Nonprofits

With over a decade of experience photographing churches and nonprofit organizations, the team at LYYDIA is passionate about providing quality photos that always meet their client’s needs. With clients that range from small events to large multi-campus churches, LYYDIA has experience capturing the perfect photos for every situation. Beyond their unmatchable skill, LYYDIA’s team has personal experience working on church and nonprofit communications teams–making them an ideal candidate to ensure each client gets the photos they need.


After 10 years photographing mission-minded organizations along with more traditional photography clients, the photographer behind LYYDIA decided to narrow their focus to strategically serve churches and nonprofits. Because many organizations within LYYDIA’s target audience have only used informal volunteers in the past, LYYDIA needed support in communicating the value of quality photography to potential clients.


LYYDIA’s worked with Anna Montgomery & Co to build a brand that reflected the value of their company. As a photographer, LYYDIA needed a brand that wouldn’t overshadow their images–so, our team built a custom website with logos, a typography structure, and a color palette that would work alongside and support their images. Throughout LYYDIA's brand and communication, we emphasized the impact and value photography brings. We achieved this through strong typography, straightforward verbiage, bold photography, and guiding animation throughout a responsive website.


The clear and consistent content, strong custom website, and practical tools and resources built by our team played a key role in fostering client trust and satisfaction. Together, we built a brand that communicates the value, worth, and quality investment when working with LYYDIA. Churches and nonprofits are able to see the clear difference that a specialized professional can make, from the quality of photography, importance of experience, and depth of knowledge that LYYDIA brings.


Want a behind the scenes look at this project? Download our comprehensive project case study below.