This looks like a classic case of “right place, wrong time.”

We’re glad you’re here, though, and we’re honored you know enough about us to search our name! That said, it’s important to tell you that we’ve recently rebranded Anna Montgomery & Co to Amenable.

There was a lot of thought behind the decision, but the simple version of the story is this: As our team grew and our range of projects expanded, we knew we needed a name that reflects who we are, not just who our leader is. We have a wide variety of skills and strengths, and Anna isn’t directly involved in every project if she isn’t the person best-suited for the job. We want to set expectations accordingly.

We also wanted a name that speaks to how and why we approach our work. We believe that everything we do should be agreeable and open to new creative possibilities, and we want to empower—or enable—everyone we work with to be more confident and capable in their own work.

We want to be Amenable.


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