Johnny Leifheit
Driven by a deep love for Maine and passion for serving others, Johnny Leifheit entered the race for state representative with the odds stacked against him. He was an unknown candidate running against a three-term incumbent with only a few weeks remaining before the general election. We collaborated to develop a brand and messaging strategy that would cross political lines and unite Mainers around a fresh vision for their state. 
Launching the campaign brand, website, and marketing efforts in mid-September, we had seven weeks to build awareness, engage absentee voters, and generate momentum for election day. Building an authentic relationship with voters was essential so our team traveled to Maine to photograph the district; we used these images throughout the campaign’s online and print presence. To connect with voters, we utilized direct mail postcards; Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube ads; print ads; and yard signs alongside neighborhood canvassing efforts. Growing engagement through intentional campaign videos, we built trust through passionate and honest communication. The press and community praised Johnny’s bridge-building message throughout the campaign. 
In the end, the incumbent retained her seat, but Johnny gained 42% of the total vote—a feat previously unheard of in the district. 
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